Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, ReelNORTH is a full service recording studio owned and operated by Juno Award winning producer Lloyd Hanson. More information will be added to this site shortly, for now please feel free to read through the sections above then feel free to contact Lloyd to discuss music and your next project.

Lloyd doesn’t play on the internet, here’s a note he asked me to post here for you:

“I do not and will not have e-mail because I work exclusively in the audio domain. I much prefer phone contact and resent the anonymity of e-mail.

If you wish to contact me, I want to talk to you, hear your voice and want you to hear mine. I believe that the tone and inflections of someone's speaking say as much as the words people are using and most people have a blanket long-distance plan anyway, so cost isn't really an issue. You are potentially asking me to communicate with you about music and sound; let's let our rapport be sound, not words on a screen. I realize that this is an eccentric position to take in 2008. and thank you for your co-operation.” Lloyd Hanson